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Billy Graham on What Christians Should Do Until Jesus Returns.

While waiting for the return of Jesus, Christians should focus their time on helping the needy to alleviate the world’s suffering, evangelical leader Billy Graham has advised.

When a follower recently asked Graham why God doesn’t do more to end global issues like poverty and starvation, the 97-year-old religious leader responded by saying that God is well aware of the imperfections of the world and cares deeply about all of his children.

Evangelist Billy Graham speaks at the dedication of the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina, May 31, 2007.

As the Bible states, the suffering that takes place in the modern world wasn’t apart of God’s original plan, Graham explains, but then sin was introduced to humanity, leading to destruction and despair.

Ultimaltely, there will come a day when God does intervene, the famed evangelical explains, and until that time, Christians should do all they can to help end pain and sorrow..

“Jesus Christ will come again in power and glory and all the sin and suffering and death of this world will be destroyed. And we know this is true, because Jesus Christ broke sin’s power by his resurrection from the dead,” Graham writes in the Q&A published in The Kansas City Star on Wednesday.

While Christians wait for Jesus’ return, they must dedicate themselves to helping others, thus doing their part to alleviate the pain.

“You and I are called to do all we can to bring help and hope to those in need. We may not be able to do everything, but we can do something, and we must,” Graham says, referencing Ezekiel 18:16 that speaks of the importance of assisting others.

“Commit your life to Jesus Christ, and then ask Him to show you how you can make a difference in the lives of others,” the evangelical leader adds.

Graham answered a similar question posted to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s website in 2008, which asked what good can come out of minor charitable acts compared to the great amount of misery in the world.

While it’s easy to feel hopeless and helpless when facing seemingly-massive disasters, Graham says Christians must still make an effort to do what they can.

“Remember: God can use our gifts in ways we could never imagine,” the religious leader writes, adding that Christians must “ask God to guide [them] in [their] giving.”

Acts of charity can be both big and small, Graham explains, from donating money to a Christian humanitarian organization to being a friend to someone facing a difficult time in their life.

In a separate post from April 2014, Graham contends that helping the poor and needy is always worthwhile, whether the gesture be big or small.

“Will we ever eliminate poverty? We should do all we can, but the real barrier is our human nature,” Graham explains. “Unless Christ changes our hearts, the human race will always be riddled with greed and corruption and selfishness. Put your life into Christ’s hands, then ask Him to use you to help others overcome both their material and spiritual poverty,” the Southern Baptist minister adds.



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