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Gospel artiste Mugwiza comes of age

In a few days, Precious Nina Mugwiza will officially release her debut song Nduwawe. The gospel artiste is hoping to make her mark as one of the greatest gospel artistes in the country.

Her gospel music journey started in school, at Lycée de Kigali before she joined the worship team at Agape Community Church. She has also worked with established artistes like Burundian gospel artiste Dudu Niyukuri and Brian Blessed.

Precious Nina Mugwiza

The singer shared with The New Times her views on the state of gospel music in Rwanda. “ Old gospel artistes and even some current ones set standards and it is up to us the new artistes to take it to a new level. We are in a good place, the transition has been good,”she said.

With song writing skills to add to her resume, Mugwiza has performed at big gospel shows like Stand for Jesus, Brian BlessedShow and Women Foundation worship nights, to name a few.

“My new song expresses appreciation for the gift of life, and the salvation that I got from Jesus. There’s a part of it that stands out, it goes, I’ve heard people talk about you but after I met you Jesus, I found out that you’re my full satisfaction…,” she said.


Precious Nina Mugwiza.

The 19-year-old says that many people are doing music professionally, but with self-interests attached and not true passion, which she thinks, should not be the case with gospel music.

“Many people are in the industry to earn a living. Yes, talent will help us earn a living, but it’s also important to make music that will positively influence people’s lives. In gospel music, we want to spiritually uplift people, which is obviously not the case with secular music. People should know that for gospel music to go to another level there should be a stimulating power behind each song,” she said.

Last year, the young artiste released a commemoration song dubbed Umucyo.

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