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The family which spent more than five hundred thousand Rwandan francs (500.000 Frw) in witchcraft for their son’s healing. Yesterday Jesus liberated him freely.

Although currently there are so many of the churches, there are still people who continue to believe in the evil spirits and satanic power. And those people believe that they can find the solution for their problems. But finally they notice that there is the God in heaven who is the Almighty.

 ateruye umwana we mbere yuko asengerwa

Nyirantihemuka Dorcas ( Mama wa Loique )

Yesterday Wednesday 17/02/2016 The woman called Nyirantihemuka Dorca who used to go to consult witchdoctors and to seek the solution for her problems in satanic spirits She said that she saw God. And that he did miracles for her.

The women announced that her husband is not a Christian. Before they trusted only the evil spirit. But after having noticed that the devils do not have the strength to give the solution she made the decision to follow Jesus.

The dad of the child, Nsabimana Paulin is a hairdresser. He said it’s been long time that his son had been suffering. He said that he has spent so much money in witchcraft but they did not see any change.

When the child’s mother ( Mama Loic) was speaking with the journalist of, she said that before she was doing some business, but because of the illness of their child she stopped. She announced that even now it is hard for the family to be able to provide for the needs because whatever they found is spent for their son who is sick.

In her own words mama Loic said her child was 3 years on 19th / 12/2016. That her child was born tired and he spent a week in the machine. At the age that children started to laugh, my child did not laugh and his eyes could not see. For four months I was in the hospital of Kabgayi where he was recommend him to wear eye glasses. On six months he continued to change in negative way until he refused even to be breastfed.

(Se wa Loique)

Loic’s Father Nsabimana Paulin

Loic’s mother continued saying that from birth the child has never seen. he even stay always sleep. But she said that after the prayer of man of God now the child can see withoutany problem and can even seat, which was impossible before. The mother of this child who never laughed since birth said that he has some unusual behaviors. When it is night he acts like someone who has great anger. Even he gnashes teeth and when the mother puts him on her back he bites her. This is what caused this lady take the decision to pray. Because she noticed that there are satanic actions.

Dorcas testifies that she believes that God will liberate her child that she even begin to see the work of God. Now my son can sit and see. And I believe that he’ll do it again.

Loique ashaka gukambakamba

Loique now is very Fantastic son

Bishop Rugagi asengera Loique

Bishop Rugagi put his hand on Loique’s head

Loic’s mamy testify that, she saw God in the Redeemed Gospel Church and God’s miracles through his servant BISHOP RUGAGI INNOCENT. Truly God is all powerful.


Immacule Mukazayire

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