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Follow live Concert called “ The power of prayer” how it’s process in Redeemed Gospel Church.—PHOTOS.

21 days of prayers in Redeemed Gospel Church, localized Kimisagara , Nyarugenge District, in Kigali City. In this prayers every Wednesday, different peoples come in different areas come with their different problems; In this concert Jesus do miracles and people find the answers of their problems (healing the diseases, unproductive women, poorness,) and so on.

Umuvugabutumwa Emmanuel

Evangelist  Emmanuel on the stage

the word of God preached by evangelist Emmanuel in psalm  56;9.” then my enemies will turn back when I call for help. By this I will know that God is for me.”

bati Uwiteka wabaye Imana

they sing God you was our God.

14:00 : Different servants of God, was on stage asked God hear prayers of Rwandans, and for other foreign. Pastor Jackson ,after preached, he  prayed for people who want the reconciliation with God.

Pasiteri Jackson ati " Igiciro cy'amaraso ya Yesu kigomba kwemerwa kuko cyakijije benshi "

Pastor Jackson said ”Blood of Jesus must be confirmed, because it’s deliberate many people“


Iteraniro ryose riri gusenga Imana

all people prayed


Bishop Rugagi Innocent ari mu Iteraniro

Bishop Rugagi Innocent in service

15:36 :servant of God Bishop Rugagi Innocent ,arrived on stage with a prayer and a song called” Eloimu , Adonai , Yahweh ,Yahweh

Bishop Rugagi ati " Elohimu , Adonai , Yahwe , Yahwe ".

Bishop Rugagi sing ” Eloimu , Adonai , Yahweh , Yahweh “.

Isaha y'Ubuhanuzi irageze .

it’s a time of prophecy

Bishop Rugagi atangiriye ubuhanuzi k'umukobwa ufite ibibazo [...] , ndetse nibyo Imana imutegerejeho.

Bishop Rugagi prophecy start with a girl who has many problem. And the plans of God in her life.


praise be to the Lord.


Bishop Rugagi in prayer  asked, the participate to repeat the word” Jesus today you will carry my burden. And this will be done due prayers.


an worshiper  Claude sing “Jesus is faithful”


 .After raise by God’s servant Bishop Rugagi, that girl cries for what God done.

Buri wese atekereje ibyo Imana yakoze azamuye amaboko ayiha icyubahiro DSC04690 DSC04701 DSC04706

Uyu mukobwa arwaye amaso bikomeye ariko Imana iramukijije .

This girl is suffering eyes, but Jesus heal her.

Amadalubindi ye Bishop ayafashe mu ntoki mbere yuko amusengera .

eyeglasses for that girl

Mbere yo kumusengera abanje kumwenyura n'ibyishimo byinshi.

A girl smile.

Uyu mupapa nawe Imana haricyo imukoreye .

This father Also God done something to him.


Pastor Mathias arrived in service.


Bishop’s wife also is present in service

DSC04728 DSC04730

16:50 : here there is a person who has the demons .

Uyu mukobwa abadayimoni baramugishe k'uburyo atabasha kugenda .

the demons fill that girl in order she can’t even walk.

Ibimurimo biramuvugiramo mu ijwi ry'umukecuru

the demons say in this person like an old woman voice

Atangiye kugenda azanzamuka

now she try to walk.

17:19 : An poisoned man, he suffer his leg for a long period. After prayer Jesus makes changes,  and he tries to walk like a little baby.

Uyu mugabo ari kugenda nyuma yo kuza agendera ku kantu kamufasha gutambuka

Now a man can walk without any support

Bishop Rugagi ari kumusengera mu izina rya Yesu.

Bishop Rugagi pray in Jesus name.DSC04820

Now his leg can change a position


what a man uses to walk

Time to receive.

Here Bishop say that it’s time to receive the answers from God. There was a woman that Jesus has answered for her cries .

Photo : Christian N.

Mukazayire Immacule

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