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I pray that your knees will band for Jesus in this year. Apostle JOSHUA MASASU — VIDEO.

Apostle Joshua Ndagijimana Masasu announced this in a big service with the Evangelical Restoration church’s Christians at Masoro. In this service, Apostle said that he will be happy if all christians will bow for Jesus and forget about all the evil actions in 2016.


Apostle Joshua Ndagijimana Masasu

This servant of God also told about the sin of praying idols. And announced to participants that this is the time to pray a real God and to not confused a heaven God with others gods.

Also Masasu explained about the holly spirits, where he added that a Christian can’t live without spirit  and vision of God.

Masasu said : ” Jesus made man with spirit, so a person can’t live without spirit. You can’t live without worship; you can’t live without knowing God. Because if you don’t know a real God, you create your own god .This god can be yours knowledge , can be money, can be an image… ”

When Apostle said about his prayer in 2016 he said ” I pray that your knees will bow to God of all the world. I pray that , this year even Satan knows that he can’t gives you a proposal to adore other god. I pray that , in this year all peoples who will see you  affirm that you are a real Christian. I pray that you can worship Jesus as much as you can and in a special way. Because Jesus hate so much a sin of worship an idol.

Apostle also gives an example ,where he say that among the things that Jesus hate so much, in this time all things want to be God.




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