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Forgive us, forgive us, forgive us — Representative of ADEPR Church Rev. Pastor Sibomana Jean.

Was on commemoration of Tutsi’s Genocide of 1994, in Kinazi sector Ruhango District, where Representant of ADEPR Church asked all Rwandan to forgive ADEPR for their participation of killing Tutsis during Genocide in April 1994.

After the testimony of different peoples about a pastor who was a leader of ADEPR local Church in Kareba Sector who participated in Genocide and killed peoples . So Rev. Pastor Jean Sibomana asked forgiveness in place of all ADEPR’s members.


ADEPR asked forgiveness for their participation during Tutsi’s Genocide in 1994.

Jean Sibomana said: “ Our friends who live in Mayaga, allow me to stand in place of all pastors who doing bad things. Some of them participated in Genocide in Rwanda ; others they don’t protected their Christians in this period of Genocide 1994 . So this and many other bad things were different of pastor’s aims and objectives. Because a good pastor must protect his peoples ( Christians ) even during a difficult situation, we find this in book of Jeremiah 5:7. So that’s why as a Representative of ADEPR in this country of Rwanda, I am standing in front of you to asking forgiveness.

On Pastor called Leonce Utazirubanda, during Genocide many Tutsis come and meet him in church and asked him exile, Leonce refused and said that after kill them he will have a place in church to buried them so they worthy of being killed , And this pastor go called Killers and told them to come and killed his christians.

When he said about Leonce the Representantive of ADEPR said: ” When we are here we can’t forget to say about a pastor called Leonce UTAZIRUBANDA who was a pastor in that period but he has doing bad things in Genocide in 1994 , that we can’t forget to be ungrateful. Now he is in exile since 1998.”

Other ungrateful things after 22 years we still have some Tutsis bodies that we did not know exactly where they are. So it’s for us to find and show them where they are and bring them in the memorials.

Jean Sibomana find that commemoration is necessary because it give value to killed people.

This is a good time to take time and remember our sad history, and give value to our lost people; many people lost their life in this country while they were God’s creature. Many people mock and do bad things even if they were Christian. Some of us was there and saw this with their own eyes, others listen the testimonies and we continue hear from the survivor of the 1994 Genocide. Recall is great things and we must have our time to think and remind about them.

Rev. Jean Sibomana showed also origin of division in this country even in church: ” I can say that the religion participate also in this division”, the missionary who brought for us the good news worked with the politicians and the leaders of the past, so many people confused salvation and politics and this brought a bad impact to people and forget even their culture that is peace, hope, unity,..

Rev. Jean Sibomana be ungrateful to people who belittle Tutsi’s Genocide, and ensure that the church make much effort to combat this

“Some people give the bad signification to commemoration and showed that this bring the negative impact. But after much training now people understand well what that means. We ask our Christian like other Rwandan to fight against Genocide ideology, as we fight against other kind of sin.” Said, Jean.


Abayobozi bakuru bari baje kwifatanya n'Abatuye akarereka Ruhango mu muhango wo kwibuka Abatutsi bazize Jenoside muri Mata 1994

Hon. Mukabalisa Donatille , Minister for Sports and Culture Uwacu Julienne and Rev. Pasiteri Jean Sibomana.

Abayobozi ba ADEPR bashyingura mu cyubahiro.


He thank The Rwandan President H E Paul Kagame , Rev. Jean asked if possible to construct a place and write the names of Tutsis who lost their life during Genocide in Kinazi Sector.

He said: “Now allow me to thank H E Paul Kagame who was a lead of RPF Inkotanyi army to access to end Genocide. ADEPR church we continue our partnership with the local government to help the survivor of 1994 Genocide we do our best to help them.”



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