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Groove Awards Rwanda 2016 officially launched its beginning at Kigali Serena Hotel

Yesterday afternoon at Kigali Serena Hotel, Groove Awards Rwanda 2016 committee officially launched the beginning of this great event. It was attended by so many Rwandan gospel artists including Choirs, worship teams, gospel musicians, preachers as well as a delegation of Groove Awards in Kenya where it was really initiated.

The theme of this year 2016 says ‘Come as you are’ since it is written in Mathew 11:28

The time of starting the event was not well respected because of people who delayed due to the congregation that they attended at the morning as the preparing team said for apology.

In the interview with Rene Hubert, Media and advertising coordinator in Groove Awards Rwanda 2016 said that there are new good things that have been introduced to make it a sweeter than it was so far.

Rene Hubert Nsengiyumva

Rene Hubert

He said that there are new divisions introduced so as to expand the event.

‘There are many new things introduced, we use to have new good things every year in Groove awards’ said Rene Hubert ‘This year you will see new divisions that is comprise of servants of God. Another one is that there are crusades prepared that will occur in big churches across Kigali city and we are sure that gospel artists and choirs will spread the gospel among a big number of people aiming to get the losts’.

Moreover, Groove Awards provided the brand new cups for those who did not get them last time due to packaging mistakes.

The president of the Groove Awards panel Pastor John Kaiga ensured the participants that they reinforced the panel in order to minimize the mistakes made last year.

Pastor Kaiga absolutely appreciated artists the way they behaved last year and then demand them to spread the gospel as it is their calling.

One of new division mentioned is TV Show of the year and others that can be mentioned by the panel.

Pastor John Kaiga Groove Awards Rwanda 2016 coordinator

Pastor John Kaiga Groove Awards Rwanda 2016 coordinator

For those who need to participate in Groove Awards Rwanda 2016, are argued to submitt their filled forms in areas below

Blues Café near La Bonne Addresse Building, Nyamirambo at Office (Mbaya’s house), Amani Restaurant near Kigali City Tower and Radio Umucyo in T2000 Building fourth floor or navigate the website of Groove Awards Rwanda (

It is scheduled that November 13th is the closing date when the owners will be rewarded

Kavutha Mwanzia Director of Mo Sound

Kavutha Mwanzia Director of Mo Sound attended

Bamwe mu bitabiriye itangizwa rya Groove Awards 2016

People who joined


Shinning stars (a group of young gospel dancers) warmed the audience

Shining Stars berekana ubuhanga bwabo mu kubyina

Shinning stars

Byari igitaramo kiryoshye

Abahanzi n'amakorali banyuraga aha bakabanza gufata amafoto

People were happy to take photos at the end of the session

Umuhanzikazi Dorcas nawe yaririmbye muri iki gitaramo

Dorcas sang in the event

Bamwe banyuzagamo bakanafata amashusho y'urwibutso.

Most of people took photos

Light Choir yo muri Bethesida Holy Church nayo yaririmbye muri iki gitaramo.

Light choir of Bethesda Holy Church

Umuyobozi w'akanama Nkemurampaka mu gihugu cya Kenya David K. yari mu Rwanda , aho yahuguye abahanzi n'amakorali .

Pastor David K one of delegates from Kenya

Joy Wachira ni umwe mu bari mu gitaramo cy'itangizwa k'umugararagaro rya Groove Awards 2016.

Joy Wachira was present

Byari ibihe byiza ku banyamwuka .

Umuyobozi w'akanama nkemurampaka mu Rwanda Pasiteri John Kaiga

Pastor John Kaiga coordinator of Groove Awards Rwanda 2016

Patient Bizimana ni umwe mu bahanzi bakomeye bitabiriye ibirori by'itangizwa rya Groove Awards 2016.

Gospel artist Patient Bizimana also attended this event

Peniel kuri stage .

Peniel touched the hearts of many in his amazing voice




Umuyobozi wa Radio umucyo ashyikirizwa igihembo bitewe n'umusanzu udasanzwe batanze mu kubaka Gospel Industry yo mu Rwanda.

Umuhanzikazi w'indirimbo zihimbaza Imana mu Rwanda Fany Wibabara niwe waruyoboye ibi birori.

Artist Fanny was MC of the event

Light Gospel Choir yaramije Imana byugurura imitima ya benshi.

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