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The artist Solomon Mkubwa and apostle Joshua Masasu are meeting soon in the concert of Mutabaruka Fulgence at Kigali

The International artist Solomon Mkubwa is coming in Rwanda this Sunday in concert of the Rwandan artist Fulgence Mutabaruka with apostle Masasu Joshua of Evangelical Restoration Church as the preacher of the event.

The Kenyan artist Solomon Mkubwa is highly been waiting by Rwandans this Sunday 15th October, 2016 in the warm concert of both artist and evangelist Fulgence Mutabaruka.

Solomon Mkubwa, the famous artist in Kenyan Gospel

On 16th October afternoon at Kimisagara/ Kigali Mutabaruka will launch his video Album entitled ‘Isarura rigeze’ which means ‘At the day of harvesting’. In press conference about this event, Mutabaruka said that it has already been confirmed that Solomon Mukubwa will perform in this live concert. When he was asked reason why he had invited Mkubwa, Mutabaruka replied that he saw the way he spread the Gospel with only one arm and he needed to provide the opportunity to Rwandans to get his pure message from him.

“I saw the way he serves God with only one arm and understand the message he has in his songs then I kept loving him so much therefore, I preferred to bring that message in Rwanda by inviting him” Mutabaruka said.

Mutabaruka Fulgence who prepared this concert

Mutabaruka Fulgence uses to be the evangelist and he is registered in Evangelical restoration Church, Nyacyonga Parish.

This concert will also have the performance of different Rwandan artists such as Dominic Nick, New Melody, Herman Worshipers International, Shekinah Worship Team, Praise Again Ministries and apostle Joshua Masasu as the Preacher.

The artist Solomon Mkubwa who is one armed however, is mostly known in east and central Africa in different songs such as ‘Nimewasamehe’. He won the Groove Award of 2014 in artists of Central Africa where he was in the same section with Gabby Kamanzi, Christine Shusho, David Kasika, Exodus from Uganda and Rose Muhando.

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