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Rwanda gospel artists seem to bring conflicts among churches soon

Rwanda gospel artists declared this Tuesday that are worthless in teir churches whereas they play a big role but church leaders disagreed

In the interview on Radio Rwanda some artists emphasized that they are not valued by their church leaders according to their sacrifices they offer to make their churches shine.


Dominic Nic blamed Pastors who do not liberate their artists

Dominic Nic whose church is Rwanda Pentecostal Church of Rwanda(ADEPR) said that there are some churches that do not liberate their artists. He said that apart from considering the call of God, they should no longer stay in it because that they are not recognized as Pastors are.

“There are churches which do not consider their artists as they consider Pastors, unless replying of God’s call they should no longer stay in these churches” Dominic said.


Nelson Mucyo

Nelson Mucyo said that there are churches that use to build fences aiming to block artists to work freely.

One of celebrates gospel artists in Rwanda, Aime Uwimana said that some Pastors consider artists as people who are in charge of warming congregations.

“There are people who do not support us however they always take artists as people who warms congregations. They should not consider artists as deacons who are their to help preacher to perform well” Uwimana said.


Aime Uwimana

Tonzi as others artists told Radio Rwanda that their art should bring income to them because they spend much time in churches and at the end of the day they return back home with empty wallets and loose financial capacity to fulfill home responsibilities.


Tonzi needs to get income in her art career

Israel Mbonyi said that Pastors undermine their artists even though he cannot explain how it is done, he said that they use artists to attract the public but they do not consider even the ticket whereas the public provided much offerings.

Mbonyi added that sometimes when they are invited Pastors use informal languages what he called to undermine them.

Mbonyi yaririmbye indirimbo ziri kuri Album ya mbere yise Number One

Israel Mbonyi artist from Restoration Church

He said that it is possible that artists involves in this issue but for a short level.

One of the Bishops of Zion Temple declared that sometimes artists behave wrongly, Bishop Dieudonne emphasized that this problem comes from two main factors. The first one is misunderstanding of what praise and worship is. He said that there are Pastors who value the action of preaching and praying only.

“The first one is misunderstanding about praise and worship, there are Posters who consider the time of preaching and praying only, they do not know that God is happy for worshiping him” Bishop Dieudonne Said.

Bishop Dieudonne

He added that the second one is that Pastors do not daily follow up their artists which means that they do not value them.

He said that artists should know that they may be on the other hand causes of their problems, he said that most of them are considered as worthless because they do not obey internal regulations of their churches, they do not often take time to pray, they do not have the luggage of Word of God as well as bad behaviors.



Donat Niyitanga


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