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Only two artists won ‘Gifted Voices’ for its first time in Rwanda

Gifted Voices as one of strategic way that Groove Awards Rwanda uses to promote new artists who seem to be unable to promote themselves but having talents, only two artists won.

Gospel music in Rwanda raises every day and new artists are appearing mostly through concerts, media and other parts of shows including Awards especially Groove Awards that specifically deals with Gospel.

Groove Awards use to reward different sectors of gospel including artists, Journalists, Choirs and others who help in spreading the gospel.

This Saturday 22nd October 2016 at Bethesda Holly Church there was a session of proving opportunities to new talented artists who are not able to pay studios for recording their songs.

Two artists only won namely Stiven Rumanzi and Mutabazi Chris Yves after the decision of the panel comprised of Producer Aime Uwimana who is also a gospel artist and Producer Pastor P as an international producer.

Pastor John Kaiga told the press that this department of ‘Gifted Voices’ introduced this year is aiming to make hidden talents to shine so as to spread the gospel effectively and faster.

“This is the first division, we are preparing the second one in coming days and we hope it will be enthusiastic as today. You see, if Groove Awards raises two talents every year it is a good thing and gospel music in Rwanda can go far through it. Servants of God who are artistically talented are there and we are ready to support them. Therefore we recall those who dream to be better gospel artists to join us and spread the gospel together.” Pastor Kaiga said.

He added that the purpose of Groove Awards is to help artists to get an enormous audience to give the gospel.

The winners of this division will be awarded to record one audio song in Pastor P’s studio and  Groove Awards will follow up their promotion.

It is scheduled that other session will occur on 5th November 2016.

Chris Yver mbere yuko ajya kuririmba ikidodo cyari cyose.

Chris Yves one of the winners

 Aime Uwimana afatanyije na Producer Pastor P

Aime Uwimana (left) and Pastor P

Eric Dusenge umwe mu baririmbye neza ariko utabashije kuza muri babiri ba mbere .

Eric Dusenge performed well but he did not win

Bosco yagaragaje ko yitaweho yazavamo umuririmbyi ntagereranywa mu ndirimbo zihimbaza Imana.

Bosco who did not win but many people said that is talented

Kuri Micro ntategwa na gato

Hope witwaye neza mu ndirimbo z'icyongereza.

Hope performed in English


Richard benshi bamubonyemo impano nk'iy'umuhanzi Serge Iyamuremye .

Richard was appreciated by many people

Rene Hubert ushinzwe itangazamakuru no guhuza ibikorwa muri Groove Awards Rwanda niwe waruyoboye iki gikorwa .

Rene Hubert who is in charge of media and coordination of all events in Groove Awards was MC

Basoje iki gikorwa bafata ifoto y'urwibutso.

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