Sunday , February 18 2018


5 False Gospels & How to Identify Them.

Are you being taught the full Gospel of the Kingdom? Not the seeker-friendly, inspirational, or another amalgamation, but the truth. Here are five false gospels and how to identify them and as highlighted in Apostle Guillermo Maldonado’s book, The Kingdom of Power. 1) The Historical Gospel Many Christians of various denominations are fixed in a historical, traditional gospel that lacks ... Read More »

The family which spent more than five hundred thousand Rwandan francs (500.000 Frw) in witchcraft for their son’s healing. Yesterday Jesus liberated him freely.

Although currently there are so many of the churches, there are still people who continue to believe in the evil spirits and satanic power. And those people believe that they can find the solution for their problems. But finally they notice that there is the God in heaven who is the Almighty. Yesterday Wednesday 17/02/2016 The woman called Nyirantihemuka Dorca ... Read More »

Gospel artiste Mugwiza comes of age

In a few days, Precious Nina Mugwiza will officially release her debut song Nduwawe. The gospel artiste is hoping to make her mark as one of the greatest gospel artistes in the country. Her gospel music journey started in school, at Lycée de Kigali before she joined the worship team at Agape Community Church. She has also worked with established ... Read More »

Billy Graham on What Christians Should Do Until Jesus Returns.

While waiting for the return of Jesus, Christians should focus their time on helping the needy to alleviate the world’s suffering, evangelical leader Billy Graham has advised. When a follower recently asked Graham why God doesn’t do more to end global issues like poverty and starvation, the 97-year-old religious leader responded by saying that God is well aware of the imperfections ... Read More »

Chelsea Clinton Reveals She Left Baptist Church Over Abortion, Insulted When People Question Hillary’s Faith

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, said that it is insulting when people question her parents’ Christian faith. Clinton added that she left a Baptist church at a young age and joined the Methodists over the abortion issue. “My mother is very deeply a person of faith,” Chelsea Clinton said, according to Page Six. “It is ... Read More »